A small move

For now I move this blog to http://www.therickardnilsson.blogspot.com (the place I once upon a time moved away from). This because of the fact that having a good looking blog on WordPress costs a bit of money – and that’s definitely something I’m short on now. So…hence:


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This is just one out of a lot of pictures I took at the “Möllevångsfestival”.

More still to come.

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Guess I need to renew my custom css subscription. For as you can see now the layout appears a bit fucked. Later.

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Up among the ruins…

Ok, this is the most fucking awesome track I’ve heard in a long time!

I’ll be fallin from the trees
Turnin in the sand
Scattered by your hand again
I’ll bloom
Breathless by the tomb
Up among the ruins
Back into your room again

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This is a flyer I have designed for my friend’s club.

Info: Club: Boilerhouse
Location: Röda Sten, Pannhuset, Gothenburg, Sweden
Date: July 23
Music: Techno, Tech house, etc.
Duration: 22-03

Be there!!!

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The boat that capsized

“The Boat that rocked”, “Le Boat”, “Das boot”, “Båten”, “Stybord Bakfull”, “Styrbord Barbord” (Starboard Larboard), a dear child has many names, but Styrbord Babord (Starbord, Larboard) as the initiators named it, is a boat in the city canal of Gothenburg. But it is more than a boat – it is  a watering hole for the young hipsters and indie youth of Gothenburg – basically it is a night club. And these photos are from the day when it nearly capsized and almost sank. Literally? Really? Naaah…

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Status notification:

Working a lot, but I have also shot a lot of pictures lately and I will upload a lot more soon (actually my internet connection is down in my apartment – again *sighs*). Plus, I have two upcoming events to shoot! Exciting!

Ciao amigos!

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