“Andra Långgatan Dagen 2010”

So this year was probably even a bigger success than last year. “Andra Långgatan Dagen” (Second Long Street Day) is some what of a spontaneous City Festival in Gothenburg. But it is not really planed as a festival. Hmm. Let’s give it this way: it is a melt point for creativity. It’s a street known for boutiques, cafes, Thai Restaurants and Erotic stores, kind of. It’s liberated. And a few years ago the people running the businesses on this street decided to get together, and be a bit more generous in regards to prices, open hours etc. Some even decided to give away food and beer. And some people decided to sell some things on the street – and then this day had a flea market. Some people deiced to put PA systems on the street – and suddenly this day had concerts. Some people decided to perform with live painting. Some people just decided that this street was a rather nice place to hang out on at this very day. And I’d guess that’s about how it was born. This year thousands of people showed up and with constant sunshine and amazing spirit it turned out to be yet another success, to say the least. Some might even call it a Sartorialist dream. And to say that The Sartorialist would get a whiplash from trying to capture all the amazing outfits would probably not be an exaggeration.

And of course I took a lot of photos. Of course. And I have posted them all to the Andra Långgatan-group on facebook, you find it here. So if you you know you visited t his street on the 5th of June you should go to the group and check it out, you might have been captured in a shot. And if there’s a shot of you in any of my photos and you wish to have it in better quality than the pictures on Facebook then just let me know and we’ll work it out!


About therickardnilsson

Rickard Nilsson is a a versatile artist from Gothenburg, Sweden. At this blog he will share his latest works.
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3 Responses to “Andra Långgatan Dagen 2010”

  1. angelique says:

    Tack för din fina kommentar på min blogg, det uppskattas! Jag kan ju inte annat än säga att jag tycker om dina bilder väldigt mycket! antar att du fotar mycket?

  2. Kimandra says:

    those pitures give a very nice feeling

  3. Therese says:

    Wow, jag gillar dina bilder mycket! Nu blev jag inspirerad.

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