I’m just about to have my connection back in my apartment, after som trouble with a missed bill. Any whooo. I will find a way to express myself more and to upload much more things here. I dont have that many visitors, but on a bad day about 20 and on a good day 150, its enough for me. And its sure enough for me to feel motivated to create something more stable with this blog, so believe me when I say I will. I will actually work out a whole set up with some kind of store, with discounts for my “followers” etc.

Click HERE to join (will be opened in a new tab or window).

So for now, please join my facebooh group so you can stay tuned with further news.

Im gonna do my best to turn this in to something with atleast some inspirational value etc.

Thank you all for visiting this blog:) It actually means a lot to me:)

Best regards,



About therickardnilsson

Rickard Nilsson is a a versatile artist from Gothenburg, Sweden. At this blog he will share his latest works.
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