Saturday night me, Robert and our unreasonable German leader, Chris, went on a spontanious trip to Copenhagen to hook up with an old friend of Roberts. We got ourselves invited to a party in Christianshavn. A fucking good party actually. Nice girls, liqour with 95% alcohol by the name “Alcool 95%”. There was Super Mario projected on the wall, Limbo in the living room, great music, great people and in general a fantastic night!


About therickardnilsson

Rickard Nilsson is a a versatile artist from Gothenburg, Sweden. At this blog he will share his latest works.
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2 Responses to Copenhagen♥

  1. MacAlwan says:

    I get the picture … wonderful atmosphere in them.

    Makes me rmember a memorable moment when I was down on a company kick-off 10 years ago – A salesguy from Stockholm and me broke off from the suits and he took me over to a birthday party with a friend of his. We entered the flat, and in the livingroom a whole danish football team stared somewhat hostile at us two swedes. But we managed to become accepted quite easy, and I followed up with a close talk for several hours with the girlfriend of the birthday guy…..and I survived apparently.

  2. Marika says:

    många coola bilder :)

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