Dinner at the Hilton with Amanda Jenssen

My father came to visit me and my brothers in Malmo the other day. And instead of staying in the apartment which he bought for us he choose to stay at the Hilton instead. Well, I wont blame him – the apartment looks for shit now! Mostly because of two big dobbermanns. Any ways, we decided to have dinner at the hotel. After insisting for a while we finally got ourselves a table (even though we had not reserved one). The waiter led us to our table which happened to be just beside Amanda Jensen and her company of two. Now, Im really not the starstruck kind of person but my father always like to make up silly games and after a while the topic of discussion at our table was Swedish Idol and the Swedish music industry in general, of course. And now something weird happened – what ever name of a Swedish musician/artist I tried to say the only thing which came out of my mouth was “Amanda”.

My father:  “You know that girl who came third this year…”
Me: “Amanda Tove”

And on it went until even I started feeling a little embaressed. I mean, she must have heard me!’



Swiftly I ate my chicken, drank my wine and order some Cognac.
My father had another glass of wine and my brother poured up another Guinness.
We all got a bit drunk and it all turned into a laughing matter.

“Amanda” and her company left their table and hobbled away.

I laughed. We laughed.

Ps. The picture above is taken from the Hilton elevator which overlooks “Tringeln” and The Walking Street.


About therickardnilsson

Rickard Nilsson is a a versatile artist from Gothenburg, Sweden. At this blog he will share his latest works.
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