A while ago I went for a little road trip with some few friends. We took off from Malmö and headed on to Denmark, into Germany, through Anwerp, Belgium. And finally stayed in Calais one night before we drove to England and the beautiful countryside outside London. We stayed in Sussex. Now, the countryside in England is actually stunningly beautiful. I know a lot of us only associate British countryside with daily soap-operas such as “Emmerdale”, or maybe Post Man Pat. And well, it is quite gray, it is quite wet, but – the fields and the nature is absolutely stunning! Now, unfortunately my camera didnt work that well during the trip and I didnt get any decent shots from UK.

But here is one from Calais.

And heres a shot I took a few years ago in Sussex. Just look at it!


About therickardnilsson

Rickard Nilsson is a a versatile artist from Gothenburg, Sweden. At this blog he will share his latest works.
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2 Responses to Calais.

  1. Paulin says:

    så jävla snyggt med nattbilder.. ska nog göra nån form av natt-projekt. som blir av.
    tack för kommentarerna också ;)

    • therickardnilsson says:

      Ja, faktiskt!:) Och har man en längre slutartid och kameran står riktigt stabilt så kan man få riktigt bra bilder:) varsågod och tack själv:)

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