“what else is there?”

I remember so clearly how I was sitting in the car with my nose squashed to the window. Intensively I stared right out in space. I was so amazed about how the moon could be so fixed – no matter how far my dad drove the car, no matter how many hours we traveled – the moon didn’t move. It kept its position. And I was so amazed! And for all I was worth I could not figure out how this could be possible!

And for hours and hours I could sit outside in the cold and just stare straight out into the vast depth of the universe. But I never felt like I could grasp it. Yet its magnitude was so appealing – I was spellbound.

I looked at a twinkling star, I focused, and after a while a million more stars emerged from the dark. Like an eternal ocean of diamonds.  And I thought to myself “Here I am, staring right out in the universe wondering what else is there, and maybe, somewhere,  on a distant planet another kid is doing the exact same thing, thinking the exact same thoughts – wondering, what else is there?”

Along came summer and I could not see the stars in the night but instead I could play with my friends. I asked some of them “what else is there?”. Never did I get an answer. So one day I decided to ask my teacher. “What else is there?”. “There is nothing else” he replied. But decided  as I was to get answers to my question I immediately replied “What do you mean nothing else? How was the stars created, how did life come about?”. “Well, son, the stars and the planets were created in what is know as the Big Bang; a big explosion millions of millions of years ago. Particles in space collided with such a force that they exploded and the fractures from the explosion flew out and created planets and stars.”

I frowned upon this answer for a while – I was not satisfied. “Ok, Mr teacher, I got it. But a few  questions still remains; what created the particles? And what created the space in which the particles were located?”

“Well son, that kind of questions are too complex for the human mind!”

Once and again I frowned upon the answer I was given. And since that day unfortunately I have not found school that interesting. I might have been a kid but my motivation to learn was not to know the multiplication table by heart. Because for all I know the accumulation of knowledge is not for the sake of knowing things by heart but getting an understanding of life. Shouldn’t the goal for any person who strives to know be to find the truth about one self?

I mean, “What else is there?”


About therickardnilsson

Rickard Nilsson is a a versatile artist from Gothenburg, Sweden. At this blog he will share his latest works.
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One Response to “what else is there?”

  1. Matilda says:

    nice..nice.. TheMoon. The other kind, in another car, the same night, was me … very nice!….

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